Hey there! I'm Erika. Lover of the Lord, black coffee, thai food, ugly sweaters and time with my babes (hubs + baby girl, Ari). I'm not known to style my hair - hence the pixie. Biking is definitely my preferred mode of transit. I will not deny my sweet tooth; late night ice cream runs is a norm in our household. I tend to hug everyone I meet. I am a fan of slow Saturday mornings that come with coffee and hash (yum!). 

A little about photography - I don't have one of those stories in which I grew up around cameras and this seemed like the obvious career path for me. Before I starting getting into photography, I admired the craft for a while. It wasn't until my husband asked me one day: "If you could pursue any passion in your life, what would it be?" I then said "photography." Within a week we bought a camera and I instantly grew attached. 

In the end, it’s my mission and joy to serve and capture the people - I find them to be the most important detail.

You may be wondering - so why weddings? While I find weddings to be absolutely beautiful with all the gorgeous details, delicious cake, fun dance parties, etc. (To clarify, I do enjoy capturing these things too!), but my answer goes much deeper than that. It wasn't until my grandfather passed away that I truly gained clarity on why I love what I do and why I find it to be so important. Within the first few days of my grandfather's passing, I found myself looking at my wedding photos; thinking about who he was and how thankful I was to have him at my wedding with all my family and friends. You see, weddings have this unique ability to bring everyone you love in one place at one time, to celebrate and support you, to hug you after your ceremony, to enjoy a meal together, to get down on the dance floor... there's really no other life experience like it. Those moments that you get to be with all those you hold near and dear to your heart - those are the moments I love to capture and they are what drives me to do what I do. I'm there to document one of the most special days of your life, not only for you and your soon-to-be spouse, but for your family, friends, some-day children, grandchildren, etc. I'm there to capture moments that'll last beyond this lifetime. In the end, it's my mission and joy to serve and capture the people - I find them to be the most important detail. This task of capturing a wedding day is not something I take lightly; I find it to be a true honor.

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