Caitlin + Michael || The Haley Mansion Joliet, IL Wedding


Caitlin and Michael’s wedding day gave me such a renewed perspective on the importance of being a wedding photographer, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to capture their day. 

Caitlin is a 1800s historian. When it came time to selecting their wedding venue The Haley Mansion, built-in 1893, seemed like the perfect place for them. This mansion was once home to many extravagant parties hosted by the Haleys, and has now been turned into an event space for all the enjoy. This space definitely has an old-world charm to it, and Caitlin and Michael made it their own with many personal touches throughout the home. For instance, both of them are avid readers so they decided to make some of their favorite books the centerpieces for the reception. 

These details are great and all, but that’s not why this wedding had such an impact on me. Earlier this year Caitlin’s sister, Colleen, had to receive brain surgery and wasn’t able to attend the wedding. I can only imagine how difficult this all has been on their family, but they all wanted to make the most of the situation and through FaceTime calls Colleen was still so much apart of this day. 

Many wedding photographers I know say they often cry at weddings and can get very emotional… Let me honest, that’s usually not me. Since having my own daughter, sometimes moments between parents can get to me but for the most part I can keep it together. But… Seeing the relationship between Caitlin and Colleen had me in tears all day long. Even while editing this wedding every time I got to the part where Caitlin “brought” Colleen to the dance floor and then her family gathered around Caitlin to dance with Colleen, I’ve cried. This is NOT normal for me haha! Witnessing this sister relationship was just that beautiful. 

I’ve talked about this before and I’ll say it again… Wedding details are great and amazing couple portraits are the best, but goodness gracious it’s all about the people. This day you have to celebrate comes once in a lifetime and I want you to enjoy it as much as possible and be as present as possible. I want you to trust me to capture your day and all those there with you. I’m the photographer that hustles as much as I can because I can’t stand the thought you not having photos of your guests at cocktail hour. I’ll always be down for you to pull me aside to get a photo with your college roommates, or you dancing with your grandpa. And gosh (I know you’re not supposed to say this but oh well), I’m notorious for over-delivering on photos because I care that much that you can look back on your wedding photos 10+ years from now and get to actually see who was at your wedding. 

Wedding photography is so much more than pretty photos of the couple or the perfect detail shots. It also about capturing all those who have come to support and love on you on this very special day. Those are the captures that’ll be cherished for a lifetime. 


Venue - The Haley Mansion

Invitations - Shine Wedding Invitations

Florals - Woodland Flowers Company 

Bridal Gown - Suzanne Neville 

Groom Attire - The Black Tux 

DJ - Clik Entertainment 


Kylie + Joe || Hans Fahden Vineyards Napa, CA Wedding


My trip to Napa, California to photograph Kylie and Joe’s wedding was such a dream. I had never been to Napa and it is as gorgeous as everyone describes.

When Kylie and Joe got engaged they knew they wanted to have a small, low-key wedding with just their family present. They choose to get married in Napa because of its beautiful scenery and laid-back, friendly vibe. It also gave their families all an excuse to relax and enjoy a trip together!

When Kylie asked me to tag along on this adventure I was completely thrilled! I actually ran into our living room with excitement to tell my husband hah! … Kylie and Joe were so much fun to work with. Given that their day was so laid-back they were open to any and all ideas I shot their way, and I think it shows in the photos! We ended up getting some amazing captures throughout the day.

I’ll just end it here and let these photos speak for themselves!

One more thing!! FUN FACT: In the past year I have photographed three siblings weddings! Kylie’s brother, Mike, and sister, Claire, also had weddings this past year. Capturing this amazing family’s weddings has truly been a career highlight for me. Click here to see Mike and Sarah’s wedding, and here to see Claire and Scott’s wedding!


Wedding Planner - Duncan Reyes Events

Venue - Hans Fahden Vineyards

Bridal Gown - Dear Heart Bride

Groom Attire - Nordstrom

Hair & Make-Up - Sherrie Long

Officiant - Kimberly Thompson

Florist - Floramor

Guitarist - Montara Music, Mike McCall

Wedding Menus and Place Cards - Hyegraph Invitations & Calligraphy

Catering - Elaine Bell Catering

Bakery - Flour & Bloom


Haley + Vincent || Friendship Botanic Gardens Michigan City, IN Wedding


This  year on June 8th I had the pleasure of capturing Haley and Vincent’s wedding day at Friendship Botanic Gardens in Michigan City, IN. The whole day came together beautifully. The photos will give a good view of it all but I just thought it was worth calling out a few of my favorite moments/aspects from this amazing day: 

  • The friends and family that surrounded Haley and Vincent were just so kind and filled with so much happiness for the soon-to-be newlyweds. 

  • ALL the flowers seen throughout the day were put together by Haley and her bridesmaids. Let me say it for you - WOW!

  • You can just tell from the first look how much Vincent loves and adores his bride. 

  • This bridal party was pretty large, but I could clearly see how much history and love was there between them all. 

  • During the maid of honor and best man speech, Haley used her grandmother’s handkerchief to wipe away her many happy, joy-filled tears. 

  • The dance floor was lit and a pink blow-up microphone added many laughs and hilarious captures to this catalog. 

Simply put, this day was special. Now hope you enjoy looking through as much as I enjoyed capturing it! 


Venue - Friendship Botanic Gardens

Bride’s dress - Marie Gabriel Couture

Groom’s attire - Vera Wang - Men's Warehouse

Invitations - Vistaprint

Hair - Top Knot Bridal

Makeup - Bailey Carter

Caterer - Scartozzis

Bakery - Macris


Erika + Andy || Warehouse 109 Plainfield, IL Wedding


When speaking with Erika and Andy about their wedding day, they greatly emphasized that they wanted to create a laid-back atmosphere for all the enjoy as they celebrated their marriage. I’d say they created just that. 

Warehouse 109 in Plainfield, IL provided such an amazing space with retro vibes - complete with old cars and motorcycles. Rather than have a traditional plated meal, Erika and Andy opted to have Wooden Paddle provide wood fire pizza. It was simply delicious and I’d highly recommend! They ended the night with Felix and Fingers dueling pianos. Let me tell ya, they put on quite the show!! 

This day was packed full of sweet moments and much much laughter. I’m sure you’ll enjoy looking through this gallery as much as I enjoyed capturing it!


Venue - Warehouse 109

Bridal Gown - Davids Bridal

Groom’s Attire - Men's Warehouse

Invitations - Jordan Smuksta

Officiant - Jocelyn Ross

Florist - Costco

Caterer - Wooden Paddle

Dueling Pianos - Felix and Fingers


Anna + Quinn || Chicago, IL Engagement Session


Anna and Quinn are good friends of mine, and it was such an honor to capture them in their new home city. Throughout their relationship they’ve had many miles between them, but the past few months they both lived in Chicago and it’s been so sweet to see their love for each other grow as they prepare for marriage! Looking forward to capturing their “I do’s” this Fall.


Jordan + Joe || Homewood, IL Backyard Wedding


Jordan and Joe’s wedding day was truly unforgettable.

I know many people who would claim to be “dog lovers,” but never have I met a couple that actually met at a doggie daycare! How sweet is that?! About a year later, with their shared love of dogs and movies (Eternal Sunshine is their favorite), Jordan and Joe decided to tie the knot.

When it came time to plan their wedding day, Jordan had such a clear vision of how she wanted her wedding day to be:

We wanted a traditional wedding with some nontraditional twists. A little bit vintage, a little bit garden-inspired, and a little bit of whimsy all rolled into one. I watched my grandparent's renew their vows for their 50th wedding anniversary in my aunt's backyard at the age of ten, and I have wanted something like that ever since. 

Jordan and Joe, with the help of their families, put together a gorgeous wedding in Jordan’s childhood home backyard. However, sometimes unpredicted things can happen and your day turns out to be quite different than you envisioned. Unpredicted rain came barring down just a couple hours before their ceremony was to start. While this essentially flooded the backyard, Jordan and Joe were such troopers and they were determined to get married despite some puddles and drizzling rain.

The day turned out much differently than they had planned, BUT they still got married and had a blast every step of the way! I loved how they truly embraced the day and made the most of it. This was such a special day to capture.